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Tedininja's Second Overdose Montage

combat arms quarantine overdose montage tedininja

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This Montage was not finished because of the banning of TediNinja, so it has about 30 blank seconds at the end. thats why i chose to remake another montage but still keep this one, because it was the original copy XD. oh well. hope i get unbanned :)

This is the 2nd montage i guess its a bit shorter, but its complete, i didnt have enough clips to put in any longer due to TediNinja's ban, so i cant extend it XD. Hope it gets unbanned :3. Rmember to Like and rate :)

so while i was making my second montage, for no reason tedininja god banned. so these are my montages, the first one was my original i put together but as you can see it ends before the song does because i dont have enough clips, thats why i decided to remake it with a different song, 2nd video. xD thanks ;)



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Nice nicee!

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This was pretty good, you surprised me with the editing.



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Not to be mean or anything but the choice of song- StarShips was terrible for a Quarantine montage.. and it was extremely over edited like almost every clip. ...... Make it decent and visible next time.


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I think you think that way because you're used to the regular quarantine montages where it's just clips with background music. If you'd have seen any elimination edits, or even shadow's edits, you'll see that it's not even that much editing.

(I come from an elim background.)

-- still over editted?
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