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BraceInvigorate | Wonry's & -Dayglows-'s JunkFlea/JunkFlea 2 DualTage

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Hey guys! what is up alex here and today im proud to present you my dualtage with stav aka wonry . we worked really hard on this dual, it took us couple of months to be honest . i know i know i released a final montage but now we got holidays in israel so i had some time to fraps and get clips . i dont know why but this time i actually enjoyed frapsing clips lol, i guess maybe it has somthing to do with stav i wanna give a huge special thanks to stav ! thanks to him i had alot of motivation to play CA and record, he is such a great player great person and ofcourse a great friend ! one of my best ones actually =) another special thanks goes to my lovely clan BraceInvigorate (yeah u too john even though u are a randooooo jk) for always being there for me through the bad times and good times !! last special thanks goes to Yovel aka ksdvl our mighty editor, i wish ya'll had a friend like him he is always there when u need him !

also, be sure to subscribe to his channel :https://www.youtube....lTHEKinG/videosPeace !

Editor's [Yovel] words: Hey guys, I'm kinda proud to present you Alex's and Stav's dualtage, in my opinion they're fucking beasts. Before you say that the edit is shit and ugly etc, I have one thing to say. THEY wanted a clean edit, to clearly show their gameplay. So I did what they wanted, this is how it works. Making the customer as satisfied as possible. So, I hope you'll enjoy this chill edit, and cya on the next montage! :)
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Great montage!



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what the actual fuck did i just watch, holy shit. That was... easily one of the best if not best montages i've...ever seen. Holy fucking shit the amount of fantastic nades and nade tricks that go into accolades.... :blush:



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proud to be in this clan



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I'm sry but aidan is still jf unbe god
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View PostAdam/Exorbic, on 23 July 2015 - 09:08 PM, said:

I'm sry but aidan is still jf unbe god

I loved this montage from beginning to end, keep up the good work guys!



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nice montage but FKU BLACK MAG IS NOT CGL

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^Thanks Crayoo for the awesome sig!^

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View PostJohn, on 23 July 2015 - 09:51 PM, said:

nice montage but FKU BLACK MAG IS NOT CGL

i told you its the same as L9 !

Axel (Hype)


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holy fuck
the trick nades
if i would've known you'd be using so many trick nades i would've given you my trick nade in JF2 you would've probably gotten an unb with that shit you guys are gods

as for the edit i feel this is one of yovel's most rushed works. even if they wanted a clean edit, he could've done so much more compared to his previous edits. im actually disappointed
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Great dualtage! i hope to see more from you guys
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Sasha <3333
Good job noob

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