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Cleaning the shit of the past

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Felt like years since I've been on this site god damn.

So yeah I'm gonna skip self-introductions since I'm pretty sure everyone knows who I am and seeing how inactive these forums are and lack of growth I doubt there's really that many new people around.

I wanna jump straight to the point throw out a heart-felt genuine apology to all those who I've wronged in the past.

I know that statement in itself is going to seem like troll considering my last post here was basically a giant unapologetic "fuck you".

The things I've done on to the users of this website and the things I've done to people here is completely inexcusable and I am gravely disappointed and ashamed of myself. Me and other people partook in actions of DDOSing, DOXing and illegal harassment and it should not of been done to anyone at all. It was horrendous, juvenile and most of all completely illegal. It's utterly shameful and ridiculous that I decided to spare the little free time I had back then messing with people online under the guise of "he was shit talking so time to dox XD".

Personal Apologizes.
Now that the big broad one is out of the way I'm going to go more in depth to people I personally antagonized.

Stig: Sorry I DDOS you. Funny thing I don't remember disliking you all that much. I just decided to attack you because of bravado and sake of vanity. Immature and just uterrly childish. I'm sorry.

Blob/Shadow: Sorry for messing with your clan. It was pretty much my fault for bring so much unnecessary drama to you and your clan. All the hate stemmed from me and I take full responsibility for it.

Inpend: Not going to lie I still dislike you as a person. However regardless, of my personal feelings towards you or not it does not give me the excuse to DDOS and DOX you. Of all the shit I've done this is probably the worst thing I've done. Not only I did several felonious acts towards you and your friends but you were just some kid. What kind of adult decides to fuck with a child who talks shit in an online game. In this respect I can definitely say at this point in time you were more mature than I was.

TLM: You had higher expectations of me and I felt like I disappointed you the most. I also used to purposed interesting topics and conversations to bring to the community albeit some controversial ones. But still I tried to bring QM with more great stuff to talk about and you were one of the only ones who knew that. It's unfortunate I decided to take the path of stupidity and tried disrupting the users of this site to a degree to where some users decided to leave. I not only apologize to you but the all of the QM staff during that time. Also apologize for the spam posting/bots.

If there's anyone else that I've wrong or forgot to mentioned then let me know in the comments in this thread where I will personally apologize to you.

I apologize to everyone I wronged in the past during the whole DenverDude Fiasco.
Keep in mind this apology is from me and me alone. I want to make it extremely clear that I do not represent anyone else nor does anyone else represent me.



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  • hi im gosu

It's okay XD



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HEY. I forgive you.


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I don't forgive you.

/suspended for 489 days
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i logged in for the first time in like two months to tell u that half the people u apologized to havent even checked this site in over a year

secondly ur a bitch

thirdly i expected an apology cause u mac attacked me for like 6 hours
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It's all gud.

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Logged on for this comment, <333 handsome boy. On a real wheres that apology at though hmu you mongoliod.



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View PostBree-, on 12 October 2017 - 06:01 PM, said:

HEY. I forgive you.

Ey! I left a message check it out 🙂

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who are u again :o



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DenverDudes was one funny group. That is all
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sorry doesnt take back the way you made people feel

damn, ur ass must've gotten some bad ju ju for you to wanna come back and say sorry years later



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get on skype sometime

View PostBLowin_Mud, on 10 March 2014 - 10:12 PM, said:

I am not trying to start anything I just want the community to be away that if you disconnect from the server randomly when you have never had that problem in your CA career, it is probably iNedaK.

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Why wasn't I ever harassed, asshole?

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LOL this is hilarious brings back memories of fuckin with niggas online

You right doe fam all that time wasted could've been used to do something productive .
I was a fucking dickhead online but that's all good had my fun but dam now lookin back i COULDA been doing somethin better insteada flaming.

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