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Goodbye everyone <3

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Welp, the game and everyone worth playing with has finally left. I can't even play anymore because my PC is so old nor do I want to.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the great times we had playing quarantine together; competing trying to be the best. I had a blast. I played from 2009 - 2015/2016. Hope everyone has a great life and continues to stay positive & strive for the best. Love each & every one of you. If you want to stay updated with me follow me on twitter: @battosaiLTE or follow me on instagram: alecbaker13 or add me on facebook: alec baker. Goodbye everyone! Had a GREAT time being a part of this community & I will never forget it! <3

Totoro signing off~ :happy: :banana:

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bye bb



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Never really talked but good luck in life bro! :-)



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cya homie <3
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o.o bye o.o



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Live long, old friend.
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Yes, that's Quargasm Quarantine People.
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