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TheFinalProject & OurLastBreath | ROBlNO, Stig & imCylo's TRIPLETAGE | S O L A C E

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Omg QM in 2020 lmaoo

Cylo, Stig and I released a tripletage. Go check it out.

Robin’s Words: yo cylo just write something for me, idc

Stig’s Words: “honestly idk what to say, I didn’t really help cylo edit this apart from like 5 seconds where I did something. It felt weird considering for our dualtage we both spent hours editing it together, but I’m really proud of what cylo has accomplished with this project on his own, spending so many hours into it for editing. Covid19 really brought all of us back to CA and it’s crazy. I was initially going to never record this game, but ended up trying to make a dualtage with Hulk, but that flopped yet again years later XD so we all decided to just make this tripletage instead since me, goku, artiful, cylo, and robin were gonna make a whole project back in like 2014. I think overall this project turned out really well & I’m really happy with what cylo has done all by himself. I’m not very happy with the quality of my clips, and considering not all of our clips were even used, it’s pretty crazy. I still hope you guys enjoy, I know my gameplay isn’t to the same standard as it was when I played a lot in 2015 but my style changed significantly and I just had to adapt to this new CA zombie bullshit. I still have so many more clips, a lot of good runs and accolades which I could make a montage with by myself, and I might, but we’ll see. We just didn’t want to make this tripletage too long, so we kept it this length. For now I’ve been playing a shit ton of valorant for the past few months and I’ve basically quit CA again LOL so we’ll see Thanks for watching, shoutout to everyone who helped create this montage, and shoutout to everyone in tfp, never thought I’d get in and quit a month after I got in LOOL”

Cylo’s Words: TLDR - This project took a lot longer than it should’ve to come out. I’m grateful and thankful for the people that I got to reunite with and the people that I got to meet for the first time because of our return to CA. I spent a lot of my time on this game and it was very bittersweet. Read the rest of what I say in the Google Drive Doc.


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love the writhen shoutout

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They're coming.



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View PostPurple Lemon, on 29 September 2020 - 03:59 PM, said:

love the writhen shoutout

writhen is my best friend

Third montage


^^ Check out my second montage! ^^

First montage

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