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Tedininja's First Overdose Montage

tedininja combat arms overdose montage first quarantine

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I am extremely bad with computers so i have Nooooo idea how to possibly have the video link open up right on the page -_-... *yeah sorry*

um yeah. so about this i really wanted to make a video, sounded really fun x3. so i buckled up and got all but one clip from today and yesterday, with 3 of those clips in papa. I guess i would like feedback but yeah xD, Thanks for watching if you do.

oh wow, nvm it automatically opened up, scratch that first sentance.



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for a normal montage bad, for a two day tage very nice, would have liked to see some free running though.

Phobia -Evade


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Great for a first montage, I'd like to see more running. Also edit your clips better so we don't see you knifing a zombie for a whole 20 seconds.



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Well i kinda felt the nades and stuff were all "over used" in this montage. Like you used a few of the same nade tricks numerous times kinda bored me out.

Maybe show other areas of overdose instead of just constanly staying in the box room.

thats what i feel montages are like now lol Airnades in the boxroom and waters nothing special anymore :/
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Yea I agree with iJustShotChu, but, nice first montage! ^-^, will be looking out for your second!
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I liked it man. all i have to say is spend more time recording. its obvious you know how to play, just be more patient. i know im not one to talk though ^^
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aha thanks guys xD. it was really helpful. i guess yeah i tend to stay in the box room, i feel more comfortable there, but today i was trying to go elsewhere but not working out as well ahaha. xD but thanks for the feed back. it was veryy helpful. and sorry for dissapointment i will try to do better on my second one. thanks x3.

And yeah xPPP ill spend more time on second one xDDD



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This montage is really good for a first montage the only thing i would have liked is for you to edit in transitions for your clips so it's not just next clip after the other.



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alright ill try to do that, but sometimes it makes it look a bit busy




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View PostEvade, on 29 March 2012 - 07:27 PM, said:

Great for a first montage, I'd like to see more running. Also edit your clips better so we don't see you knifing a zombie for a whole 20 seconds.

A little too much knifing like Evade said and a little too much RPG/LAW kills but overall I think it was really good for the amount of time you put into the montage. Good luck on your 2nd one and I hope I can help you with it. :D


    The Derp

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too much is sped up.
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