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Multiple Accounts - Only one Forum account per person is allowed. Any multiple accounts will be merged without notice. If you have a family wanting to register let the admins know first. If you forget your password try recovering immediately or contact an staff member on teamspeak or in-game. Account sharing is also against the rules. If you attempt to use a proxy, We will find you, and we will kill you.
Excessiveness - Repetitive, frequent and a short period between the following but not limited to: extremely obscene language, racism, trolling, purposefully irritable and/or improper post formatting, harassment and advertising is prohibited.
Trolling/Harassing (Clarification) - Trolling is the act of purposefully antagonizing a person or persons, it is fine to a certain extent but, when when this act excessively targets certain individuals it is considered harassment and could result in an infraction or temporary account suspension. Similarly, the constant berating of a member due to insignificant things such as poor spelling or limited knowledge of a subject is prohibited.
Rage Threads - Original Poster must have video, photo, or audio proof, if posting about another player or clan. Replies must not have feedback that include something like, "Who cares," "Not another rage thread," or media representations of such phrases. Everyone can create their own rage thread about the same person if it's a different issue. 'Witchhunting' threads (the specific targeting of another player or of a clan) should only be made if the issue cannot be sorted via other means (e.g. personal messaging). Rage threads should not be made with the intention of starting flamewars and should not degenerate into mere flaming.
Solicitation - The public sale, trade, and exchange of all Nexon-related Accounts is strictly prohibited as such actions are a direct violation of all Nexon-product Terms of Service Agreements, and hence proper following must be held. Inappropriate Content - Any (overly explicit ***********) content that is categorized as Restricted-18 is not allowed on this domain, mainly due to our minor community members.
Advertising - Advertising in posts, signatures, profile information, is allowed, but excessive advertisement posts & threads can result in it's removal or account suspension. Advertising services randomly to members is strictly prohibited.
Topic Posting - Threads should be posted in their appropriate sub-forum categories.
Spam Posts - All posts in threads (other than in the spam section) should be of relevance (on-topic) to the topic of the subject thread and should contribute to the discussion in some manner (regardless if in a positive, negative or comedic fashion). Posts which have no value, such as single-world posts, simply quoting another post, simple "good luck" posts in clan application threads, comments or media representations along the lines of "no-one cares", "brb getting popcorn" posts or irrelevant flame-wars are all considered spam posts.

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