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Jul 01 2015 04:58 AM | TheLaffinMan in Front Page

Community Highlights

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New QM Moderator
Attention all peasants! Welcome QM's newest corrupted overload, Werewolf
Because of too much corruption

Forum Registrations Extended
Because of the merge with old world, more EU registrations are expected, therefore the cut-off date has been extended for another month.

MAAD's Limited Time Offer
Check out his art and if you like his skills you can pay him to get some. But unlike a cheap hooker it's only for a limited of time, and for QM members exclusively. Click his logo for more info.

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Jun 01 2015 04:28 AM | TheLaffinMan in Front Page

Community Highlights
Forum Registration Open
Starting tomorrow, June 1st, new users will be able to register for a QM account, allowing them to apply for clans, share their awesome montages, and start flame wars we all love so much. Remember that multiple accounts are not allowed, and when found, they will be deleted and the original account suspended.

CombatArms NA/EU Merger
Say goodbye to those laggy VPNs when trying to play with players from the Old World. Find out what changes and how this will affect you! (read more)

Quarantine Fan-Remake
After a month into this project, it has been noted that a team is needed in order to make some real progress. So if you want to help and have a particular set of skills that may be useful for this project, then post about it here. Mainly looking for 3D Animators, 3D Artists, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, and Programmers.

What Happened to QE
It's the end for one era and the beginning of a new, for one of the most prestigious clans in CombatArms. Read about how QM's lead investigator found out what really happened. (read more)

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Apr 08 2015 01:55 AM | TheLaffinMan in Front Page

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Combat Arms 2 vs WTF?
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Latest Video Submitted this month





Aug 03 2014 06:02 AM | Peng in Front Page

Hey all,

Laffin, Mango, Cesar and I are proud to present to you, OtakuStudios! (www.otakustudios.com)

This is a site we've been developing for the last couple of weeks, which is dedicated to the discussion of all things Jap pop culture, including anime, manga, light novels, anisong, vocaloid and moar.

Apart from the forums, the site will also have staff contributed reviews and blogs, which we hope will promote a more educated discussion compared to what we usually see here on QM. Take my recent post, for example.

We hope that any of you with a passion for anime and/or manga, and those of you who are simply interested in learning more about the culture will register and partake in the discussions.

Note that QM will still be online and moderated.

Also note that we will be enforcing the rules on OtakuStudios far more obstinately than on QM. We are encouraging OtakuStudios to be a place for civil discussion, and thus the environment will be vastly different from that of QM.

Hope to see you there ^_^
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Mar 03 2014 08:01 AM | bloob in Front Page

QM News and Updates

What's good ladies and gentleman!?

It's been quite a while since the last weekly update, but fret not! The Blobonator is here, and I'm happy
to present the weekly update for the lovely month of March. Let's celebrate White History for the next 9 months

Monthly Top 5 Quarantine plays

After a month of much deliberation, bribing, and shit-talk, the top 5 winners for the month of February were chosen! Congratulations!

1. Molester/Resolutions-
2. Booty
3. JetFlightt-
4. -Blob-
5. -Bozobob-

Please pm theLaffinNub for your prize winnings. Hopefully the winners for March will be announced before the next month rolls around. If you haven't already, make sure to submit clips for Febru- oh wait. It's closed. Better luck next time!

QuarantineMode Statistics

Registered Members: 2,405
Verified Members: 568
Members Currently Online: 72
Members Online Today: 213
Most members online at once: 249
Today's Top Five Posters: Sooths, John²y, Cecrep, 5 STAR MOTHAF, Adam
*cough* tryhards

Rage threads

Well hot damn. I'm sure you've all seen the topic about that Transcendent clan excommunicating themselves from the QuarantineMode domain, and that one kid and that other kid and the other other kid flaming each other like a damn Charizard and Typhlosion. I'm surprised one of them hasn't had a heart attack or something from all that rage. But kids will be kids and the Moderators will be watching everyone's behavior with a careful eye.


So TFP opened official applications, which means 90% of the Quarantine community will be applying in hopes of seeing that evasive purple scorpion next to their name! I'm positive everyone will be absolutely frothy with excitment. I know I'm wet. Stiff himself made a cameo appearance on this website announcing the news and posting about the details of applying. Good luck to all you hopefuls.

Community highlights!

A recent trend found among the Quarantine games is the title "KT4". Some of you may be wondering... what is this? Is KT4 the new big quarantine clan? NO. It stands for "Knife until last 4 humans", a new mode that may or may not have been started by OLB, but who's paying attention to that right? To put it simply, the gameplay is exactly as it normally is, but you can only use knife (no, a pistol is not a knife) until there are 4 humans remaining. At this point, you can use whatever you'd like. You'll most likely start recording and hope you don't choke and suicide or get lagtapped or get Cezar'd or dc or get tryharded by Juno666. It's a fun mode that really encourages freerunning and I actively support it. If you haven't given it a try, this is a great opportunity for you to practice freerunning and experience some high level gameplay.

UNBEEtage by BozoBob

SquirtEdit by Niko

13242094458th montage by TylerForan

I still don't know how crossbowsworktage


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