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Mar 19 2020 11:34 PM | MyLittleAk47 in Front Page

Well, this is different writing to the community again. The year is 2020 and many of us don't play anymore. I originally planned on doing this years ago around 2013, but many people in the clan didn't want to which lead to this never coming out. I quit this game back in 2015 and gave ownership to my twin brother, but recently I came back and started playing and really wanted to finally do this.

The QuarantineElite youtube channel has been deleted/removed/lost whatever you want to call it. Thankfully, Stiff allowed us to upload it to his channel.

This "montage" is not a montage. It's something different. Just a little entertainment.

Special thanks to:

1. Stig: Thank you for first of all editing this and putting up with my demands and listening to me when I would list everything I wanted changed in every edition of this you sent me. You're a good kid buddy glad we're friends even though we always weren't.

2. Laffin/Inpend/MGKill/Tae/Stiff/S9ldier/Creonn/Warewolf/My brother: For participating in this and helping us get the clips.

3. Kathy: For making those images with all of QuarantineElite's members at the time. If you're still around Kathy message me it's been too long bud.

4. Stiff: For allowing us to use your clout, I mean your youtube channel to broadcast this.

This won't be a MyLittleAk47 thread/post without some sort of troll, banter, or drama. So I shall add this for old times sake:
Sky is known for being gay. He is gay because he exhibits indescretional homosexual behavior that towards other is conspicuous and unambiguous. This homosexuality portrayed by Sky is outwardly expressed by the tone of his speech and the context of his speaking. Sky, whenever he is called out for his homosexuality he denies it consciously. He constantly denies the truth of his homosexuality because of a fear that resides within him of accepting the fact that he indeed is gay. Constantly he suffers the implications of this denial and so by his peer group and even passerby's call him homosexual. With majority ruling over, there is no dissertation that could prove Sky isn't gay, and therefore one can say Sky is gay without any infirmity

For shits and giggles here is one part of the demand list I gave to Stig. You can find the song information and literally almost everything put into the video on this google document. Sadly, the rest was said over microphone or discord.

Thank you, and goodbye. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 (:


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